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I began photographing semi-professionally when I was 20 and within the past few years have come a long way. I throw myself into my work in all areas, but I have a fascination with the way photography provokes expression. I purchased my first camera when I was 14 and began taking photographs for fun constantly. I brought my camera with me everywhere I went, and I would beg my friends and family to let me photograph them. My range when I first began shooting consisted mostly of nature and landscape, whatever intellectually, emotionally or conceptually struck me. It was when I began college and took my first serious photography class however, where I discovered how much I thoroughly enjoy it. As a graphic and interior designer, I have always found ways to incorporate photography into my work, and in the past few years have also expanded taking portraits into my repertoire, including but not limited to corporate headshots, graduation, and family photography. I aim to make my shoots fun for my clients and it is always my goal to inspire... however that may be achieved. 

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