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History of Horrors

In the past several decades, the cinematic experience of horror films has changed substantially. In recent years, the popularity of horror films has increased, but what keeps movie goers coming back for more horror? History of Horrors is a narrative timeline, and this data visualization project looks at the popularity of Horror films by year from 1973 to 2019. Data was gathered from the Worldwide Box office to see which horror film had the highest box office revenue each year. As well, data was collected from ReelScary to weigh the scare factor of each film with the highest box office revenue by categories of gore, suspense, and disturbance. Gore was determined by the film's inclusion of blood, slaughter, violent killing, or extreme entrails. Suspense was determined by the viewer’s anxiety and stress level during the film. Disturbance was determined by how much the film stuck in the viewers head, if they experienced disrupting or lingering thoughts after the movie had ended. All three categories were evaluated for each movie, represented by a pie chart. The scare factor category that dominated each film is highlighted by an icon depicting either gore, suspense, or disturbance.

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