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Daiquiri is a decorative font inspired by the Jazz age of music and dance. The font’s indications of elegance and beauty are drawn from the European Art Deco style—combined with cues from Modernism and Art Nouveau styles, adding to its playful manner, Daiquiri is both an elegant and and zestful font, embodying the lively lifestyle of jazz culture, music, and dance during the 1920s.

The font’s name comes from the classic Daiquiri cocktail, which became popularized during the Roaring Twenties—typically served shaken, with lime juice, simple syrup, rum, and a lime twist. Its decorative and fun style is suitable for logos, menus, invitations, packaging, or even for decorative poster headlines and quotations. Daiquiri’s decorative details, elements, and round shape, give the typeface a classic, yet modern look, making it perfect for a cocktail menu, or a classy invitation.


The Grid

Daiquiri is based on what looks to be a complex grid; but, the typeface is based solely on a combination of circles and overlapping arcs. Certain letterforms have more extravagant details and embellishments than others, such as the O, Q and R in Daiquiri Regular. Each letterform was strategically created to be similar to one another, while still designing each letter with individuality and its own uniqueness. The typeface consists of 3 styles, as well as featuring stylistic alternatives. Daiquiri is a dynamic font with room for variation in stylistic creativity.


Daiquiri  Regular


Daiquiri  Lowercase

small caps-04.png

Daiquiri  Small Caps


Daiquiri  Numbers & Special Figures

alt lowercase-05.png

Daiquiri  Alternative Lowercase

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