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Hysteria Magazine

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Hysteria is a captivating and timeless women’s mental health magazine that takes an in depth look at the history of what goes on inside and outside of the female mind. The term Hysteria dates back to the early 19th century, where Hysteria considerably became a diagnosable physical illness in women. Doctors and men alike used it colloquially to mean ungovernable emotional excess and referred to a lady as going through a “temporary state of mind or emotion,” essentially insanity. Such a ridiculous notion today, it is almost laughable; yet, the effects of something as simple as this have trickled down throughout time, and even the smallest indications of what once seemed like a ridiculous notion isn’t really that far off. The name Hysteria aims to capture just that. Making fun of that notion, while also using it to bring awareness that it is a word that still harms and affects women. There are not many magazines targeted toward this topic, and I wanted to create something visually appealing for women and young girls that is informational, but more than that, relatable.


Hysteria incorporates a combination of grungy messiness as a way of trying to create texture that still looks put together. Photoshop was utilized to alter and taint images to my liking, creating a collage with a modern vintage aesthetic; hence, a classic cream color and warm tones with pops of color were utilized throughout specific features.

Eyes new-09.png
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