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Mangia Mangia,
A Memoir

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Mangia Mangia, A Memoir is a printed, handmade zine in the form of a personal journal/diary. I have come to know San Francisco to be a city full of life, passion, love, and exquisite history. For me, San Francisco is so unique because of its diverse culture and personality. Being from Sacramento, and being Italian, my family has come up to visit San Francisco ever since I was little. Walking from the Marina to North Beach, this book explores the iconic restaurants that I went to with my family. Since moving to San Francisco, I have developed a new perspective of these places, and while I still hold onto the same memories I have from going with my family, as I have gotten older, my perception of these areas and the new experiences I have embraced have significantly changed.


This zine was printed out in sections. It was then cut and folded into a hardback book with a slip cover. I used the photos I took on my walk and altered them into a collage design to create a scrapbook feel. I also used a handwritten font, playing with the rotation of text to give it a freeform take to the pages. I wanted to use a black and white color palette for my photos to honor the history aspect of my research and my childhood memories, and add pops of warm colors to bring in that element of change. As well, I edited the photos I took to a very warm color palette to embrace the sunset theme from my walk as it changed from early evening to night.

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